Annual Report

Look How God Used You.

We say it so often that it loses its meaning, but the truth remains – we accomplish more by working together.

As you review the 2019 Annual Report, realize it’s more than numbers – it’s people – praying together – serving together – and giving together to maximize our cooperative impact for God’s glory.

Thank you for your gifts through the Cooperative Program which empowers Christian education; provides for foster children, orphans and parents in need; provides news and information from a biblical perspective; plants and revitalizes congregations; provides training and evangelistic opportunities for adults, students and children; provides counseling and comfort for embattled and discouraged pastors and their families; and leverages current communication platforms to seed God’s truth inside hearts and homes across the state – and much, much more.

No matter how often we say it, the truth remains, together WeCanDoThis.

2019 Annual Report

To download the 2019 Annual Report and Snapshot, click on the buttons below.

Please note: So that we can reach more people through CP funds, this year we are providing a digital version of the annual report rather than mailing every church a hard copy. This saves a lot of money for the really good stuff: making Jesus famous.

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